With the willingness of changing the fashion industry and societies perception of plus size, I started «Curves And I» in 2013 -A personal blog based on my plus size living, experiences, fashion and other things that may cross my mind or happen in my life. In addition to launching the blog in 2013 I was also an adidas’ running ambassador ( Yes, fat people can run too! )  and one of thirty finalists in the plus size beauty pageant, Miss Plus Size International. I have been featured in Norwegian magazines and press such as KK, Kamille, Stella, minMoteTV2, Østlendingen, VG, Side2, God Morgen Norge and FEM to mention a few. Check out PRESS if you wanna know more. 

Now, three years after I started blogging and one year after I stopped I am back. YAY! 

So.. Who am I?


..I AM NASTARAN MARIE. A coffee drinking forever 29 year old living in Oslo, Norway. I am a full time marketing coordinator, a freelance plus size columnist and now also a part time blogger. I live in a small closet where I have been able to fit in a small sofa, an even smaller table and a bed. And oh, a tiny kitchen where I try to be creative from time to time. 

NastaranMarie.com is me. Raw, unedited and honest. It’s here I share my journey to confidence, self love and a fashionable closet. And of course, my favourite recipes, travels, events and also my thoughts’n rants. I don’t wanna be all crazy talking to my self all the time, so please pop your popcorn and get ready to comment and get involved. 

Love, Nastaran